The Legacy of a Witness – Live so that others come to know Jesus


trudyToday I want to share with you an audio testimony of a woman who has since gone on to be with the Lord. Trudy Wroughton was my friend’s mom and he describes her as a “Great Mom” and a godly woman. I had the privilege of preaching her funeral a few months ago. Though I did not know Trudy, I got to know her through her family and through her own words in this recording.  I wanted to share her legacy with you today (her birthday) as an example of what it means to live an ordinary life in an extraordinary way, by living it for the Lord.

During the funeral visitation, I heard many kind words about Mrs. Wroughton. Friends and family told of her generous spirit, her encouraging attitude, and her care and concern for others. I learned how she was a hard worker and was not only willing to work but loved to work: working a cleaning job when her husband served in the Air Force, mowing lawns, driving a bus, and serving in church and Good News Clubs. She was a true blessing to all who knew her. But her true legacy was her relationship with Jesus Christ and her desire for others to come to know Him.

Trudy received Christ at the age of 17. One of the first choices she made as a new believer was to tell her father about her conversion. Though she knew he would get very angry, she reasoned, “If I can tell my dad, I won’t be afraid to tell anyone.” So, as a brand new Christian, as soon as she got home, she told her father what the Lord had done in her life and how she received him and he saved her.

She prayed for 17 years for her dad to give his heart to the Lord. Early on she told him “I believe you will one day receive Christ” and he did some to know Jesus. She had a genuine heart for the Lord and a heart for others to know him. One of her favorite verses was Acts 16:31 and she believed it: “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.” Trudy trusted God to save her family and, through her life and witness, lived to see 10 of her siblings and both of her parents come to faith in Jesus Christ. Her desire was that her friends and family would know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and she lived her life in such a way that led others to him.

Take 45 minutes and listen to Trudy as she shares her story to a group of youth in her church. You will be blessed and challenged to live YOUR life before the Lord right where you are. May we have this same heart for those around us who need to know our Savior!



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