Links to Help You Be His Witness – 8/08/14


SplitShire_IMG_6136Take a look at these recent posts from around the web:


Kevin DeYoung – Evangelism, Reason, & Faith

In this post, Kevin DeYoung explains how it is revelation and not reason that leads people to faith in Christ. “If we know Christ, then we know enough to share Christ. Even if we don’t have all the answers, we can point them to the One who does.”


Franklin Graham – My Father Still Prays for the Lost

Franklin Graham recounts a turning point in his father’s life, 65 years ago. He challenges us to follow his father’s example and commit ourselves 100% to the Lord — trusting in God’s word, pouring out our hearts to Him in prayer, and joining Him in His mission.


The One Minute Apologist – How Do We Witness To Apathetic Unbelievers?

In this short video, Brett Kunkle offers some good advice  on how to witness to unbelievers who are not interested in spiritual things. I’ve found what he says here to be true in my own personal ministry. If you like this one, watch some of his other helpful videos.


Collin Garbarino – The Foolishness of an Ebola Doctor

Some wise words at First Things on the “foolishness” of missions (in response to Ann Coulter’s rant).


Ron Edmonson – 7 Easy Ways to Put a Not Welcome Sign on Your Church

Here is a quick “what not to do” list for making quests feel welcome at your church.

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